Why killing spiders?

Photo credit: Flickr/HenryOon
Photo credit: Flickr/HenryOon

The name of this blog is Killing Spiders for a reason — killing spiders and other creepy crawlies is one of those things single people have to do for themselves.  There is no spouse or significant other to come running when we scream.  No heroic acts with rolled-up newspapers by adoring partners.

Just us.  And the spider.  Or snake.  More on that later.

The inspiration for this blog came to me one day as I encountered an evil arachnid in the hallway outside my bedroom.  I sprung into action — after screaming for no one to hear* — and did battle with the creature that was threatening my existence.

I was Queen of my domain.  And a blog was born.

*In the interest of full disclosure: At the time I created this blog, I had a part-time male roommate who came to my rescue and killed a few spiders on occasion.  He also sped to my house quickly (from his girlfriend’s house, where he spent the majority of his time) to help me chase a snake.  Since the birth of this blog, I have lost a roommate, but gained my significant other as my domestic partner.  But he won’t kill spiders.  

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